A professional asset

The French language as a professional asset.

Speaking French could be critical for you.
Indeed, learning French offers more than just ‘leisure’ benefits: as a student, trainee or if you are already fully employed, this will increase your career opportunities.

French language

For example : French in the culinary field.

Do you want to become ambassadors of the French culinary or pastry arts?

If you would like to become a master in French gastronomy, the best option available to you is to come study in France, this will give you the double advantage of mastering the French gastronomy as well as learning French.

French cuisine is still the world leader in the culinary art domain. A lot of the words and terms describing the techniques are in French, many of which cannot be translated. For example, “croissant” is a French word that can not be translated.
In addition, many French Chefs end up working overseas so it is quite possible that, in your own country, you may be required to work with one of them. Your language proficiency will thefore make it easier for you to get hired and to improve your relationship with the boss.

Français atout professionnel

Do you want to work in a kitchen as a Chef or Pastry Chef, but you have neither the proficiency level in French nor the required professional skills?
Some culinary schools do offer, in addition to the traditional technical skills training, French courses as well as a hands-on internship program. So remember to check before you sign up, if the school does or does not offer specific French courses or classes for their students.

Because going into a period of internship without speaking French, will decreases by 50% the value of that internship: if the Chef or your supervisors can not communicate with you efficiently, you will end up performing only trivial tasks (maybe even only cleaning the dishes).